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Teenagers around the globe currently suffer from mental health issues more than anything else. And the problem is worse when it comes to countries like Bangladesh where people have mostly zero awareness about this type of serious problems. At an age where they are supposed to take steps to build up their future, we see millions of youths around the world keeps suffering silently from this disease and in cases chose an opt-out system like suicide.

So in order to raise awareness about this issue we invited Tahmida Hossain Sheemu, a mental health enthusiast currently living in Dallas, Texas over our online Facebook Live session. At first, she talked about what to do when we face unwanted situations in life, and how to cope up with those. Then she gave suggestions on how to come out of depression or mental health-related problems. She told that no matter what the situation is, it’s always helpful to speak out your heart to someone. She also advised trying to keep ourselves busy with productive activities during this Quarantine period to be mentally healthy and also to introduce a healthy lifestyle in day to day life. When asked about how can someone help their close friends when they fall in depression, she told always to be cautious about our close one’s activities and try to help them whenever someone thinks It’s necessary.

Tawshipa Jarin, a student who participated in the session as an audience gave the following feedback to us – To begin with, it was honestly great how everyone in the session clarified that even though mental health is considered a stigma, it actually isn’t. I liked how the session gradually proceeded by talking about mental health at the present time as well as other usual times as well.

Tahmida Shimu started with how we can be productive in this time of the pandemic going on, which was great considering everyone gets to invest time in doing something. But like still contradictory, because doing something productive is not mandatory at all.

Also, I thoroughly support the segments of how we are told to seek support from the environment around us and accept failures to move forward. It is actually one of the key issue that either stands in our way to progress or give us a heads-up.

I overall think the relevancy of the mental health issue of this generation was established. And several ways of overcoming those and accepting those with a wider point of view was established. Really enjoyed the session!”

Author: Abid Bin Ahmed and Shusmita Shil

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