EMK Center X Reflective Teens Heritage Tales: Revitalizing Bangladesh’s Indigenous Narratives through Comic Art

This project aims to vitalize Bangladesh’s rich indigenous heritage and bringing that to the mainstream through a unique comic book. Young indigenous writers will be recruited and trained to collect folk tales from their own communities. These diverse narratives will be woven together by a professional comic book writer, creating a vibrant tapestry of cultural wisdom and vibrant illustrations.

The comic book will then be distributed across different libraries, schools and research centers in Bangladesh, fostering understanding and appreciation for indigenous cultures among the broader population. This project not only preserves folklore but also empowers young indigenous writers.


This project holds vital importance for several reasons:

1. Preserving Heritage: Indigenous folk tales are fragile threads connecting past and present. Our project captures and weaves them into a tapestry, ensuring their survival for future generations.

2. Fostering Understanding: The comic book bridge between cultures, promoting empathy and appreciation for Bangladesh’s diverse heritage among the broader population.

3. Inspiring Youth: Young readers across Bangladesh connect with relatable characters and engaging stories, sparking curiosity and respect for indigenous communities.

This project is not just about comics; it’s about safeguarding heritage, empowering voices, building bridges, and igniting imaginations.

Primary Beneficiaries:

Indigenous communities:

○  Preservation of cultural heritage: This project directly benefits indigenous communities by safeguarding their unique folk tales and ensuring their transmission to future generations. This strengthens their cultural identity and promotes a sense of pride and ownership.

○      Empowerment: Young indigenous writers gain valuable skills and a platform to share their voices and perspectives, boosting their confidence and leadership potential.


Secondary Beneficiaries:

  • Bangladeshi society as a whole:

○      Increased understanding and appreciation: The comic book serve as a bridge between cultures, fostering empathy and respect for the rich and diverse heritage of Bangladesh’s indigenous communities. This promotes inclusivity and combats cultural prejudice.

○      Educational value: The engaging format of the comic book provides a accessible and interactive way for diverse audiences to learn about Bangladesh’s history, traditions, and values.

○      Entertainment and creative inspiration: The project promote local storytelling and the comic book format, potentially influencing Bangladesh’s artistic landscape and offering novel entertainment options.

Project Activities 

  1.   Identifying Emerging Talent: We actively seek out and engage young indigenous writers with a passion for their communities’ narratives.
  2.   Storytelling Immersion: Through comprehensive training, these writers acquire essential skills in collecting and documenting oral histories from their elders.
  3. Empowering Cultural Guardians: Equipped with knowledge and experience, the writers embark on field engagements, immersing themselves in their communities’ rich storytelling traditions.
  4.     Weaving the Tapestry: The collected narratives are meticulously curated and refined, forming a cohesive tapestry of cultural wisdom and experiences.
  5.   Visualizing Traditions: A professional comic book writer collaborates with the writers to transform the stories into a vibrant and engaging comic book, breathing new life into these timeless tales.
  6.   Reaching Wider Audiences: The comic book is published and strategically distributed across Bangladesh, offering a captivating window into indigenous cultures and fostering inclusivity and understanding.

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