Classroom Sidewalk Game Project in Chittagong

High-rise buildings, 24-hour food, fast Internet speed, and a richness of food and activities have all been brought about by urbanization. You will never be bored if you live in the city. But urbanization has an impact on the development and behavior of children. The more civilized we become, the fewer open spaces there are for children to play. Children in cities are hardly ever seen playing their hearts out in open fields. If they are seen, they are under the parents’ constant supervision in various gaming schools with specific formats. But is this a genuine form of play that benefits children’s overall development?

Limited space, a lack of attachment to nature, being constantly surrounded by rules and regulations, and a lack of a free-spirited attitude prevents them from experiencing the joy of playing. As a result, it hampers children’s physical, mental, emotional, and overall development. Outdoor playing is really essential for children’s physical, mental and overall development. Reflective Teens, as usual, attempted to solve problems concerning children and teenagers. We took the step to launch a project named “Classroom Sidewalk Game Project”,  with the intention of creating opportunities for recreation in abandoned places for kids.

We attempted to provide a space for them to play even in small spaces such as corridors or vacant places between classrooms. We attempted to make it an amusing place for them by using colorful paintings that were appropriate for their age. In Chittagong, with the help of Elite Paint, we conducted this experiment on 10 schools with approximately 5000 students. The children appeared to be having a good time. Their enthusiasm for attending school grew as their colorful minds were given a platform to express themselves. Teachers and guardians at those schools reported that the students were ecstatic about their new way of learning. They are now learning and playing in a small number of places.

Author: Farhana Afrin Fariha, Executive Member (R, D & E)