The Reflective Teens Experience – Salwa Saira

Being a part of and serving as a member of Reflective Teens was a privilege. I was given the opportunity by Reflective Teens to contribute my creativity and thoughts in developing a better creative environment for teenagers. Along with sharing my thoughts, it also gave me the chance to practice new skills with my coworkers in the same sector. For instance, I gained experience doing professional interviews, hosting an international cultural exchange program called Bridges not Borders, authoring research on global collaboration programs like NOOK, and performing in-person surveys in fields that need creative and educational growth. All of these were made possible by the supportive, welcoming environment that Reflective Teens offered me. My senior colleagues and Reflective Teens’ founder, Mr. Yusuf Munna, taught me new concepts and inspired me to explore them. Therefore, throughout my time at Reflective Teens, I was able to test my limitations and develop my leadership skills. As a result, I soon received a promotion from executive member to head of the research, and development sector and had the opportunity to lead a team. Thanks to the Reflective Teens environment, people, along with my diligence and curiosity. Without a doubt, Reflective Teens offers a fantastic working environment and a memorable, priceless experience. Because Reflective Teens is very professional while also being very comfortable and friendly, just like family, each member of Reflective Teens is more like a family to me now. Being a part of an organization that makes you feel like family and allows you to grow professionally was a blessing.