Who are we?

We exist to create an efficient environment for flourishing the creativity of teenagers and prepare them for the future through proper utilization of their abilities.

How do we work?

Creator's Convergence

Every creation has a unique backend story and rt Creators’ Convergence works to spread that story among the teenagers. In this day-long event, directors, photographers or other creative artists talk about their life, creative works and answer the questions of the teenagers.

Young Achiever's Fellowship

This fellowship recognizes young individuals who follow their passions and turns them into their professions which are considered unconventional in society. This program tells the inspirational stories of these teenagers to motivate other passionate teens to follow their hearts.

rt Advantage

Adolescence is a vulnerable time when teenagers face many kinds of problems, which they are not comfortable to talk with others. rt Advantage, a day-long conference session, where the proper knowledge regarding different issues like mental health, menstrual hygiene, internet literacy, etc. are discussed by the experts of such fields.

rt Brainery

The teens are the potential individuals of the future. But the teenagers of the remote areas of the country are often deprived of many facilities. Due to the lack of proper directions, they often follow the wrong track. rt Brainery is a four-week-long after-school program that teaches the teenagers of remote areas activities that ignite their curiosity like Rubik’s Cube, scientific experiment, painting, creative writing, etc. These activities are not only entertaining for the teenagers but also help divert them from the wrong track.

What do we achieve so far?

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Quotable quotes

"A country needs its young people for its future to survive. And young people need creativity for their soul to survive."
Eeshita Azad
Non-Executive Chair
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reflective teens is an internationally recognized teen based creative platform

  • Creates an efficient environment for flourishing the creativity of the teenagers and
  • Prepares the teenagers for the future through proper utilization of their abilities.

We are currently active in Chittagong, Khulna and Dhaka

We regularly post scopes or opportunities according to our vacancies. Please keep a close look here