Reflective Teens (RT) is a Bangladesh-based non-profit organization established in 2013 as a registered trust. It aims to empower under-resourced schools throughout the country by designing innovative solutions that address the challenges these schools face.

Our approach
Our approach

Transforming Together: A Collaborative Approach to Educational Equity

Reflective Teens don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We take a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with schools to identify their specific needs and challenges. This might include a lack of learning resources, inadequate infrastructure, or limited access to technology. Through open communication and needs assessments, we gain a deep understanding of their unique context. Once we have a clear picture, our team of experts gets creative, designing and implementing innovative solutions that create a more positive and effective learning environment.



Reflective Teens adopt a collaborative approach, partnering with schools to understand their individual needs and challenges. Through open communication and needs assessments, we establish a strong partnership, identifying issues such as resource shortages, infrastructure inadequacies, or limited access to technology. This collaborative effort ensures that solutions are tailored to each school’s unique context.


Solution Design:

Once the partnership is established and the challenges are identified, our team of experts engages in creative solution design. Drawing from our deep understanding of the school’s context, we develop innovative strategies to address their specific needs. These solutions are carefully crafted to create a more positive and effective learning environment, utilizing creativity and expertise to make a meaningful impact.



Through the implementation of our innovative solutions, Reflective Teens foster growth within schools and their communities. By addressing key challenges and improving the learning environment, we contribute to the overall development and success of students. This growth extends beyond the immediate impact, empowering schools to thrive and inspiring positive change within the education sector.

"This non-profit organisation is run by young volunteers, who want to ensure every teenager in the country gets the opportunity to succeed."

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RT Academy

Reflective Teens, recognizing the educational gaps in Bangladesh and its commitment to fostering creativity, proposes the establishment of RT Academy, a groundbreaking learning complex in Rangamati Hill Tracts, designed to provide alternative education, empower local communities, and ensure the sustainability of its programs. RT Academy aims to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that nurtures creativity, develops leadership skills, and promotes sustainability.

The innovative projects developed by Reflective Teens have been replicated in 8 countries worldwide, spanning diverse cultures and communities.

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Reflective Teens believes in partnership and collaboration to make effective change in communities.

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