Workshop for Growth Ambassadors held Successfully

The first workshop for the newly recruited Reflective Teens Growth Ambassadors (2021-2022) was held on 11th December 2021. The present attendees were 27 of our esteemed Growth Ambassadors and our inspiring chief speaker Ms. Warda Ashraf, a development practitioner and a social worker who has experience of more than seven years of working in Youth Leadership, among many other areas of work. She currently works as the Deputy manager (Accountability) at Save the children. The topic of discussion was “Communication Skills,” an integral quality to be adept in our daily lives. Most importantly, when one takes upon a Growth Ambassadors’ role, lead, inspire, and convey meaningful messages. The workshop commenced with a warm welcome to our honorable speaker Ms. Warda Ashraf and a unique introduction session where everyone’s ambition in life was asked about. We created an inclusive environment amongst our inspirational Growth Ambassadors with diverse aspirations and qualities from the beginning of the meeting. The discussion moved forward with Ms. Warda Ashraf educating our Growth Ambassadors about the importance and relevance of Communication Skills in our daily lives while presenting a slideshow she had prepared. She spoke of different methods to follow and essential characteristics to possess to properly convey a thought that will resonate within another when in a work environment or even socially. As the discussion deepened, she emphasized how one must be convinced with the message they wish to pass onto another and how much the thought behind the message matters for it to be perceived in the same light. Throughout the discussion, the Growth Ambassadors actively engaged to ask questions, share their opinions and share personal experiences related to the topic. Ms. Warda Ashraf generously answered all of their questions and spoke of the issue with thoughtful relevance to the work and ambitions of our Growth Ambassadors. The Growth Ambassadors were overjoyed at having the opportunity to learn from our experienced and knowledgeable speaker Ms. Warda Ashraf and expressed their willingness to join in for more sessions with her. The meeting ended positively with smiles full of gratitude and content.