RT Creator’s Convergence presents ‘Connecting Poetry with Mental Health’

Human minds are a mystery. We laugh, we cry, we scream, we talk, we do tons of things to express our emotions. Usually, the medium we choose to share our feelings is by talking to others. However, many people among us have a kind of timid personality and feel shy or uneasy to talk to others easily. But many of those chose writing to express their emotions. They know the tricks to play with words, add a bit of rhythm as a spice, let out their inner poets and verbalize their thoughts, opinions. A unique talent, which can both profess emotions and catch the attention of the audience. And “Creator’s Convergence” is one such platform where we create opportunities for teenagers and youths to bring out and showcase their talents and creativity to the world.

15 December 2021, Wednesday evening, a workshop was held by “Creator’s Convergence” on how poetry connects with our mental health. A session on mental health was necessary at this point because a pandemic, close to two years now, has brought us to a stage where we have gone through many ups and down in a blink. Depression, frustration, sadness didn’t even budge in many of our lives. Some people tried to get involved in many creative works to let themselves busy and somehow it worked for many. But humans need support, we need hands to heal. This is why “Creator’s Convergence” holding a chance, conducted a blissful session with the respective guests’ Professor Razia Sultana Khan and Ms. Audrika Eshna Purbasha who are professionals on Poetry and Mental health.

The event which was hosted by the Program Co-ordinator of RT’s Creator’s Convergence, Nuzaba Tasannum began by discussing how often we neglect our mental condition while prioritizing our physical appearance more; that Ms. Audrika Eshna explained brilliantly. She noted that it became taboo to speak up our minds which eventually pressurizes our minds. The system subconsciously stops our mind to speak about psychological issues like being depressive or having panic attacks and became a barrier to us. Taking the note from here, Professor Razia emphasized how poetry helps people to open up and soothe their minds. She helped participants explore the vision of poetry and its different aspects. Those who never even thought of writing poets could finish the prompt by following her guidelines. She then stated how poetry helped our minds to speak up. Both our honorable guests beautifully explained to the participants that poetry is nothing but a creative way of expressing our thoughts by those words that remain in our minds. The whole one-and-a-half-hour workshop was undoubtedly interactive as participants got curious and discovered a different creative way to express their thoughts. It was full of interesting ways, one of which was using newspaper cuttings to compose a poem using random words from a news article. Ms. Audrika Eshna linked how creativity training builds confidence by letting us recognize our inner abilities, which is beneficial to our mental health. The great session came to a close with a heartfelt poem recitation by Ms. Audrika herself.

“Creator’s Convergence” with this short yet wonderful workshop brought out the scope to people to let out their inner qualities, prioritize mental health and explore their creativity more because we believe in effort & hard work which will forever be cherished by our youth, our teens.

About the Author: Yasmin Akther, Writer, Reflective Teens