Bridges, Not Borders with Bangladesh and Nepal held Successfully

And so on 16th February, the Bridges, Not Borders event between Bangladesh and Nepal comes to an end. Starting in the last week of January 2022, a group of young people from Bangladesh and Nepal got together on a virtual meeting to get an on-hand experience about each other’s culture right from the natives! The bridge between Bangladeshi and Nepalese youth included them breaking the ice on Day 1 in order to set the stage for the next days.


On Day 2, both Bangladeshi and Nepali teens were assigned a certain element of culture and nationality that they wished to uphold and represent. Youth from Nepal and Bangladesh respectively took each other through an immersive experience of culture by describing their nation’s history, culture, festivals, fashion, and the culinary variations that they have through verbal and visual presentation.


The third day was the last day of such a warm exchange between these two cultures. However, these youth managed to look past the borders of their nations and be united in their love of creative artwork and hobbies. Almost all the participants have prepared a little showcase of their favorite hobbies, interests, and talents. Ranging from dance performance, digital artwork exhibition to poem recitation – with a chance to appreciate each other’s talents and find mutual interest in each other’s work.


No matter how divided the world is in the current era, moments like these that the youth of Bangladesh and Nepal got to witness set off a ripple effect that not only allows them to be a better global citizen but also embrace each other’s differences.