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Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge which allows one to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. It’s necessary to know properly about financial literacy to make one’s life better financially. If people truly understand the way that financial system work, it will help them to plan for the future, to meet financial goals, to get the most of their income, overall it provides life skills on improving many areas of life -relationships, careers, hobbies and home life.

In the current condition when people are sitting at home, it’s very important to gain a broad knowledge of this context. Therefore, rt organized a session to make people mostly the students more concern about financial literacy on its 2nd day of rt Advantage Live Session, 3rd May 2020. The session was conducted by sir Ali Haider Khan Tonmoy, author of “অর্থবিজ্ঞানের হাতেখড়ি” and hosted by Ruthmila Haider Chowdhury and Nubaha Tahannum, executive members of rt.

During this one hour session, our expert shared a lot of knowledge including his own life experience on this object. First, he gave a clear concept about the importance of financial literacy in our day to day life. Also, he shared some basic ideas on investment on a project, emergency fund, a students personal money management etc. which everyone needs to know. He inspired all to maintain a personal budget. Besides, he shared his thought on how one could get out from the economic downturn after the corona epidemic. He told the students not to lose their morale and to do some productive work after this situation to recover their own economic imbalance.

The purpose of this session was to give a wide idea of financial literacy to the audience. An audience, a first-year university student said, “I joined the session because I found the topic very interesting and it was worth attending. I have learned many effective matters.” Another student from class 11 said, “The session was very educative. I enjoyed it.” Also, an HSC candidate as a spectator said, “To me, the best part of the session was the importance of a budget. How it can ensure financial stability I have got to know from this session.”  They are hoping for a more effective session from rt in future.

Author: Ruthmila Haider Chy & Nubaha Tahannum

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