Facebook Challenges: As Useless As the Dorne Storyline in “Game of Thrones”

In our modern-day society, Facebook has become a huge part of our lives. Starting from my chauffer to my nani, EVERYONE is on it. Well, why wouldn’t they be? Facebook has become such a huge platform now that you pretty much have access to everything through it. Whether it be online shopping, breaking news, food places, or major upcoming events, Facebook has all of it to offer.

Amidst all the pros of Facebook, obviously there are a few cons as well. The most recent one that has caught my eye is probably related to the initial purpose of Facebook. Yes, I’m talking about the “3 names”/ “negative thing”/ “compliment” challenges. Now, you may wonder why I include the compliment challenge in this, since compliments are supposedly a positive thing, right? That’s debatable when you’re fake as fuck, but more on that later.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I myself have liked/commented on my friends’ posts regarding these. I was fairly honest in my comments, and I believe I got fairly honest replies to my comments too. Sadly, not everything I read besides my comments were genuine, and some of these I can even say that I knew for a fact were full of utter crap.

Let’s start with the “Like my status and I’ll message you 3 names to comment on” challenge. Uhm okay, it’s good to see that people have taken ways to get rid of boredom another step further with this. Never mind that. So, this challenge was initially meant to get rid of certain curiosities the person who posted the status may have had (if they still have them, my deepest condolences). But then, it either ended up going nowhere (again, condolences) or it ended up further than your bitchy mind may have ever imagined. I myself had the misfortune of receiving a few “What did I ever do to you?” type messages. Well, if you really didn’t have any trouble figuring out that I was talking about you, then don’t you think that’s where the problem lies and you should just embrace the truth about yourself instead of coming at me? Look up Tyrion Lannister’s quote about this for inspiration, seriously.

Then we have the “Comment your name and I’ll say something negative about you” challenge. Now, this is one I wasn’t a part of in any way whatsoever, because who the fuck are you to openly point out my flaws? The reason I emphasize “openly” is because you may think I’m contradicting myself, considering what I said about the first challenge, but I’m really not. If everything I said in my comment during the first challenge is something I’ve already said to your face, then there is no reason for you to consider it an insult, since it’s anonymous. In this challenge though, you are encouraging unnecessary humiliation, and don’t you think there’s enough negativity in the world already? We are all only human, and you’re damn right that there are negative things about us, but there’s no need to publicly promote that. Have some love, jeez.

Lastly, there’s the “Comment your name and I’ll give you a compliment” challenge. This one was completely fine as long as it was confined to friends spreading love. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect, and that confinement lasted shorter than Justin Bieber’s boner. Weird people you only know because you either went to the same school, or one of your close friends knows them started commenting their names. I mean, how are you supposed to compliment someone you barely know? You just tell them that, right? Wrong. You give them a fake compliment like the kiss-ass you are. I mean, that’s what everyone went by, I’m simply describing it.

Long story short, these challenges may have initially been “fun,” but they very quickly became nothing but pathetic. Just do your homework, tbh. Also, who comes up with these things anyway? Like no, seriously, WHO? If you’re reading this, which I highly doubt, a little more creativity next time, yeah? Yeah. Peace.

Author: Manaar Sadida, a high school graduate from William Carey Academy, on the verge of adulthood, and a feminist (“a person who believes in the equality of all genders,” for all you ignorant sexists) who calls a spade a spade and absolutely despises people with double standards (hypocrites). 

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