The First Episode of ‘Bridges, not Borders’ Held Successfully

Even though we are more connected to each other in this era of globalization and social media, but how much do we actually know about each other? how much do we know about the history,‌‌ heritage and culture of other nations around the globe? With that aim in mind, Reflective teens in collaboration with Global youth club organised a culture exchange program between Bangladeshi and Pakistani teenagers. Five of our members sat down virtually with our friends in Pakistan on 27th June to discuss our respective countries. The two and a half-hour session started with discussing the COVID-19 situation in both the countries and what they’re doing to cope with the pandemic. The whole session was conducted by Nizar Ahmed from Pakistan and Yusuf Munna, Founder and CEO of Reflective teens was also present throughout the session.  Then our Pakistani friends gave us a brief presentation on Pakistan, which included the geographical information, people and races living in there, traditional cuisines, tourist spots, overall culture and different social and political problems of Pakistan. Then from Bangladesh first we gave some general information about Bangladesh, then we presented our culture dividing it into five parts, namely Literature, Foods and cuisines, Festivals, Tourist spots and heritages, Sports. After all the presentations, we had a very interactive and enthusiastic discussion for around 10 minutes and asked each other questions to know more about the other country. Overall, the purpose of the session was well served, and as quoted by Nizar Ahmed “The whole purpose of this session was to bring diverse people together, because the more you interact with people, the more you know about them, so you see more good on them which promotes a sense of unity and peace between people.”

Author: Abid Bin Ahmed, Executive Member