RT Brainery Episode 4 – The Art of Filmmaking and Storytelling Marks an End

With almost three months of classes, RT Brainery wrapped up its 4th episode on 18th September 2021. With 19 participants, this episode added a new feather of achievement in the record of RT Brainery. Work on the concepts for this project started in June, and the subject was set as ‘The Art of Filmmaking and Storytelling,’ keeping in line with Reflective Teens’ goals to promote art and culture within teenagers. Mr. Sharif Ferdous Arko, a veteran filmmaker in his own right, joined in as the master trainer for this episode. The course was divided into 16 modules that were taught within the three months. Constant participant interaction and collaboration were also achieved, and Mr. Sharif demonstrated his acumen in filmmaking while using clever methods of teaching to improve the learning for the students. The episode also saw a guest trainer, Muhammad Jahirul Islam, who specializes in editing and post-production. Overall, the episode fulfilled its promises, and the team was happy with the project results.

Report by – Hasan Habib, Program Coordinator, RT Brainery