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The Internet has become an important platform for almost every mode of communication and the number of internet users is increasing as the days pass by. Moreover, during this lockdown, almost everything is being accomplished by using the internet including online classes and working from home. However, due to the rising use of the internet, crimes in the virtual world is also increasing. People know that whenever they face any threat in the real world, they need to seek help from the police but they often face problem in understanding the ways to deal with cyber-crimes. Keeping all these in mind, reflective teens organized their 3rd day of the online session of rt advantage about ‘Cyber Security’ on May 4, 2020, Monday from 9.30 pm. The session was conducted by an expert in the respective field, Zifran Islam, cybersecurity expert of cyber 71 and hosted by Nuzaba Tasannum, program coordinator of rt and Tasnim Bin Mahfuz, executive member of rt.

During the session, the expert speaker gave a complete concept of the term, cybersecurity. He discussed the do’s and don’ts of the virtual world, how to stay safe and avoid the threats of the cyber realm. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of cybersecurity at an individual level. He further explained that even not having personal information like credit card number does not mean that the individual is safe from cyber threats. He explained all the possible security threats including commercialization of information, phishing (the process where the hacker redirect the user to their website to steal credentials), hacking, social engineering (when someone steals a user’s account by regularly interacting with them to find probable passwords), scam sites, cyberbullying, misinformation and rumours as well as the probable solutions to these problems and seeking help from the law and order system regarding this. He also answered several questions from the audience related to the safety of using zoom, why the users need to check every time before granting permission to install an app etc.

To sum up, the 1-hour long session which was viewed more than 2.7 thousand times gained huge praise from the audience. One of them, a 12 standard student said, “To be honest, I joined the session after being invited by my friend, and, I thought, why not learn something new? And I’m really satisfied with the session. It was 100% effective. I learnt so many things which I believe would help me a lot in staying safe in the cyber world.” Another student who is currently an HSC candidate said, “The speaker explained everything so nicely and clearly. We need more sessions like this in the future. Thanks to rt!” Reflective teens is always ready to organizer more fruitful sessions like this one.

Author: Nuzaba Tasannum & Tasnim Bin Mahfuz

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