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Citizenship is a concept that is having a growing influence day by day on the average people. From the greek concept of citizenship, we have come a long way of democratization where most of us are part of some state system as its citizen. But, Citizenship offers its perks in exchange for some responsibilities. And most of the citizens aren’t aware of this responsibility nor do they have many methods of getting to understand these responsibilities. To shed light on this and for our future generation of citizens, Reflective Teens Organized Their 4th-day Online session of RT Advantage, a series of sessions for everyone on “Responsible Citizenship” on 5th May 2020 from 9.30 PM. The session was conducted by Mohammad Abdullah Al Kaiser, Founding Admin of Desperately Seeking Chittagong and Founder of Team Chittagong and Hosted by Hasan Habib and Miskatul Islam, respective members of Reflective Teens.

Throughout the session, the expert speaker gave us a crystal clear idea about the very concept of modern citizenship. He talked about the growing concept of it and the impact of various factors such as the internet, generational trends on the idea of citizenship. Furthermore, he went on to give us explanations and examples of responsible citizenship through his experience of running voluntary organizations and also public help groups. He also shared his optimistic views regarding the future of Bangladesh in terms of citizenship, how active and healthy politics can change a country and how the youth should be more proactive in its approach to state matters. The queries of the audience were also entertained and the entire idea of citizenship was appreciated by them.

In conclusion, the entire session garnered 1.6 thousand views and the audience was as interactive as they were enlightened about such a concept that affects everyone. One of the audiences, an O level candidate stated, “The session was very enlightening. The speaker was amazing and the interactivity of the session was appreciated as well, and our future citizens need more conversations like this”. Another viewer, an HSC candidate, stated, “I simply learned a lot from this session, where the main focus is us, the future citizens. And it was worth the time and Reflective Teens should provide more content like this. It was a fruitful session by Reflective Teens and we are open to more amazing sessions like this one.”

Author: Hasan Habib and Mishkatul Islam

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