Wellbeing Sessions at Reflective Teens; Because We Are A Family before an Organisation

It has been more than a year since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit and changed the course of the world that we live in. However, life has to still go on. Of course, how we live and work now is different than before but we all still have dreams and responsibilities. Reflective Teens has been working to fulfill its main goal of fostering the creative abilities of teenagers for a better and brighter future even during the pandemic. Although online, the amount of effort put in by everyone working in Reflective Teens is more than ever before and the results prove it.

That being said, the members of Reflective Teens are themselves all young people with their own share of struggles and journeys that they are on. The pandemic is not easy on the members too. Working remotely is not easy. Staying connected online is not easy. So how do we find that balance in helping the youths around us while also not neglecting our own team members?

It is through this question that the wellbeing session was developed. Different from other work-related meetings that Reflective Teens have, the wellbeing session is a way of staying in touch, a way of checking up on each other and a way of empowering ourselves together.

The wellbeing sessions happen at least once a month and are open for all working members of Reflective Teens. To ensure that we are focusing on both mental and physical health, the session has various segments that cater to both such as yoga, meditation and etc. A safe space is established in all sessions to ensure that the members can feel safe, free and comfortable. Likewise, time is allocated for everyone to share updates about their lives, their journeys and the future that they are envisioning. A segment of congratulating and expressing gratitude to each other is also designed to create a healthy relationship amongst each other. Sometimes, we play team building games and other times, we journal together.

Through such a wellbeing session, the members of Reflective Teens have been able to connect on a deeper level and such a connection has helped increase the quality and productivity of work done by the team. New members are also able to join in and grow closer with the older members through the informal wellbeing session. As Reflective Teens keep growing bigger, it will never forget to prioritise the wellbeing of its members. Because, Reflective teens is not just an organisation and the goal is not only to be a formal organisation. We are a family and we want to continue being a big and supportive family.

Author: Regita Gurung, Head of People, Reflective Teens.