Not Men; Patriarchy: Rape Culture and GBV discussion via General Meeting of Reflective Teens

On Friday, October 17, 2020, core members of Reflective Teens arranged a General Meeting with the honorable Board Members. Keeping the current context in mind, this meeting’s main agenda was to discuss Rape and Gender-Based Violence and steps Reflective Teens members could take as changemakers. The meeting was officiated by Ms. Eeshita Azad, the Non-executive Chair of Reflective Teens. Among the honorable Board Members, Ms. Warda Ashraf and Mr. Mahmudur Siddique were present. Reflective Teens Members were revered by the presence of the dignified Guest Speaker of the day, Ms. Faustina Pereira, the Head of Legal Empowerment and Sustainable Development, Centre for Peace and Justice, BRAC University. The meeting began with greetings and the introduction of everyone present in the meeting. Ms. Warda Ashraf, the facilitator of the meeting, introduced the Guest Speaker, Ms. Faustina Pereira. The discussion began with Ms. Faustina Pereira explaining the history of gender inequality and gender-based violence (GBV). The insightful meeting proceeded with a discussion about root reasons for rape culture, small actions, and languages in our daily lives that promote rape culture, and the effect GBV against women have on men. Both Core Members and Board Members were deeply immersed in the discussion by asking questions and providing their views on the topics discussed. As changemakers, Reflective Teens were advised to start with themselves and then their close ones. They were advised to be self-aware of their actions and language that generally outsets rape culture. Reflective Teens spent an eye-opening 2 hours understanding the topics and then questioning themselves where they really stand right now in this context. They believe through the guidance of the honorable Board Members and Guest Speaker, and they will work on actions to take so that they start climbing the mountain of change. The meeting ended with Ms. Warda Ashraf providing a summary of the stupendous meeting and finally saying, “We are not fighting MEN; we are fighting PATRIARCHY.”