Intro to FinTech and Leadership Via General Meeting

On 7th March 2021, a General Meeting of Executive Team Members and honorable Board members was held. The meeting had two broad discussion topics, namely Financial Technology and Leadership. Among the respected Board Members, Mr. Mushfique Ahmed, Ms. Warda Ashraf, and Ms. Fahmida Suma were present to connect with the Executive Team. The meeting was officiated by Mr. Yusuf Munna, the CEO, and Founder of Reflective Teens. The discussion was begun by Mr. Mushfique Ahmed asking the members what they knew of FinTech, the rapidly growing industry. Mr. Mushfique Ahmed is the digital and disruptive technology leader at EY MENA and is also the co-founder of a Fintech startup that is democratizing real estate investing for the masses, through a regulated real estate investment platform. As an expert in this field, Mr. Mushfique Ahmed gladly introduced the Executive Members to the fundamentals of FinTech while discussing the member’s own knowledge in the field and drawing from real-life examples to explain the simple procedure, advantages, and disadvantages of FinTech. The discussion then moved forward to be led by Ms. Warda Ashraf to educate the members about leadership. Ms. Warda Ashraf is a development practitioner and a social worker who has experience of more than 7 years of working in Youth Leadership, among many other areas of work. She first gave the floor to the members to explain their understanding of leadership skills and being a good leader versus a dictator. As the discussion deepened, being a specialist in this niche, she pointed out important characteristics of a leader and how leadership roles have evolved through the years. Throughout the discussion, the Board Members actively engaged to provide their opinions and share personal experiences related to the topic. The Executive Team Members were overjoyed at having the opportunity to learn from the adept and knowledgeable people in their domain and expressed their wish for future sessions. The meeting ended with a brief Q/A session and an expression of gratitude among all.