Completion of the Orientation Program for the newly recruited Campus Ambassadors

On July 9, 2020, Thursday at 5.00 PM, the orientation for the freshly employed Campus Ambassadors of reflective TEENS for the 2020-21 tenure was accomplished. Since June 4, 2020 rt voyaged on a venture in finding Campus Ambassadors from different institutions across the nation to act as a bridge between the rt authority and their respective institutions as well as taking part in rt programs efficiently. Out of more than 200 applicants, only the best 25 candidates were selected as Campus Ambassadors after multiple layers of filtration. The orientation ceremony began with a presentation on “Team Building Within You” by the guest trainer of the session, Mr. Amir Hamza from Teach for Bangladesh. In addition, along with the CAs, Mr. Yusuf Munna (Founder and CEO of rt), Ms. Nashiba Nawor (Chief Operating Officer), Ms. Nuzaba Tasannum (Project Coordinator), Mr. Arunav Saha (Community Manager), Mr. Tasnim Bin Mahfuz (Assistant Community Manager) and Mr. Abid Bin Ahmad (Assistant Community Manager) were present during the session. It was followed by an introduction to rt by Mr. Yusuf Munna, a summary of the community guidelines by Mr. Arunav Saha, and a welcome speech for the CAs by Ms. Nashiba Nawor. Overall, it was a very fruitful one-hour session that introduced the new CAs to their upcoming activities in rt, including regular monthly meetings with the member board.

Author: Nuzaba Tasannum, Project Coordinator, reflective TEENS