Creator’s Convergence; An Hour with Adnan Mukit

Every creation has a unique backend story and RT Creators’ Convergence works to spread that story among the teenagers. In this event, directors, photographers or other creative artists talk about their life, creative works, and answer the questions of the aspiring teenagers. In this episode, we had writer Adnan Mukit as our guest. The event was held on 29th January 2021. The program began at 6:30 PM and lasted till 7:30, making it an hour with Adnan Mukit. Aanushka Mehjabin, Executive Member of Reflective Teens acted as the host for this event. At the beginning of the interview, our guest was introduced to the audience and he then talked a bit about himself that worked to lighten up the environment and set the mood for the rest of the interview which was relaxed and fun. Then, program continued following a sequential round of questions. The first few questions were asked about his personal life, which included how he discovered his passion and who had the most impact in encouraging him to follow it. The second part consisted of questions about his professional life, the hurdles he faced, how he overcame them and the importance of creators in society. And the final round of the interview comprised of the advices our guest had for young and aspiring writers and creators. Our guest of course kept the environment in a relaxing manner keeping the interview lighthearted and we had a good laugh. Lastly, our meeting was ended with some few jokes by our guest and a goodbye. In essence, it was an educational session that will help aspiring writers to pursue their passions and give them a new perspective in the world of creativity. And the entire event was a success because of the efforts of the RT Creator’s Convergence Team and the members of Reflective Teens as well.