Snippet: Yusuf Ibne Yakub Munna; AKA Yusuf Munna | Born: March 7, 1998 (age 21 years), Chattogram | Education: Khulna UniversityChittagong Collegiate School & College | Field of Interest: Poverty & Development, Education & Employment

Yusuf Munna is a young entrepreneur, writer, and innovator with seven years of extensive experience in the field, man with a mission to alleviate intellectual poverty through the feeding mind. Over the period, in Bangladesh, Yusuf has become one of the most recognizable Gen Z for his work. This young lad of positive mentality doesn’t like the so-called imposed rules at all. He always loves to think of going beyond the boundary.

This optimistic lad is busy to prove the so-called perceptions of society wrong. Though his works are based on different subjects, all are being done simultaneously. He believes in a work-life blend rather than a work-life balance. According to him, Age is not a matter to do something but the desire is important.