Team Group: Executive Team

Afia Khanom Ava

Executive Member (Comms)

Fahim Al Abdullah

Executive Member (Comms)

Rahul Kumar Sarkar

Communication Associate

Tarunnyamoye Kundu

Communication Associate

Salwa Saira

R, D & E Lead

Sami Areez

R, D & E Associate

Farha Nowshin

Executive Member (R, D & E)

Farhana Afrin Fariha

Executive Member (R, D & E)

Niloy Das

Executive Member (Web Development)

Ushashi Nawar Raiyan

Excecutive Member

Reflective Teens

Reflective Teens is an internationally recognized teen based creative platform, preparing teenagers for the present and the future through proper utilization of their abilities.

Through our programs, we enable equal opportunity for all aspiring teenagers so that they also can uphold their creativity, and prove their self-worth.


1st floor House, 1/A Rd 23, Dhaka 1212


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