Dear Altruists,

It’s been almost eight years we have been tirelessly working to expose, incite and incubate the creativity of teenagers through our programs. Thanks to our generous family members, no one receives a single penny from our organization to operate the activities. However, along with its perpetual growth we need to maintain so many kinds of stuff out of financial capacity. 

Even the smallest of donations can end up going a long way towards reaching our vision, to foster the creative abilities of teenagers and preparing them for the present and the future. Each small donation can easily be added up with all the others to create a much larger sum.

Given the donation, to ensure transparency, we shall commit to

⦁ Update your name on the website.
⦁ Share the activity report every month so that you can measure the progress as well as can monitor how long a penny can go.
⦁ Upon interest, you get access to talk to our beneficiaries.

Yusuf Munna
Founder and CEO
Reflective Teens

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Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause.

Bank Details:
Account number – 1451100018732
Account name: Reflective Teens (DBBL Cox’s Bazar Branch), Routing No: 090220258, Swift Code: DBBLBDDH