Photography | Mahadi Amin Khan

Yes,you can take a photo but I have nothing to share. I have lost my memory. I don’t remember who I am,what my name is and weather I have a family or not. I have forgotten my past and it’s good for everyone you know. HaHaHa”- A Old aged beggar (This how she introduced herself to me) Use Facebook to Comment on this [...]

Eyes asking for Hope | Mahadi Amin Khan

Eyes asking for Hope Today I photographed this 73 years old Woman begging in the streets while I was refueling my car at Shahajadpur near Pabna and Sirajgonj. I looked in her eyes and it was telling me a story . So I asked her,”Have you eaten anything today?”. She replied, “No, I haven’t eaten anything for two days”. And that word no from her mouth was [...]
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