(1)  Best advice you have received… You have to make an exchange in your life. You won’t get everything in your life as you want.  But you can get something according to your wishes. On that basis, you must exchange your good times with bad experiences. Your friends will get a chance to go to the party, join in a good community. But In exchange, you have to work on something else, where you can get your best wishes completed.

(2)  What message would you love to amplify through this platform? Work Hard. Never get upset about what you have or have not. If you have your dedication, your story won’t fall back.

(3)  Name one thing that you want to change in this society… I see the fear in the eyes of young kids. They are highly scared to take the challenge. They always keep doubting their skills. I want them to keep believing in themselves. Though some of them take the challenge, they are not sure what they are doing this. Not even the reason. I strongly feel that we need to change this.

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