Day: July 11, 2019


rt Talks | Nazib Ninad, Champion, Banglalink NextTuber

(1)  Best advice you have received… Be the best version of yourself. This is probably the best advice I have gotten that too from a content creator I really admire. In order to do that I kept on learning and doing the things I was passionate about. And even though […]


rt Talks | Istiyak Sheyam, Founder and CEO, REPTO

(1)  Best advice you have received… Mistake is inevitable while you are trying to bring change. It teaches us what works and what not. In that sense making mistake is great. But it is alarming once you are making a mistake twice. That will be a bottleneck on your way […]


rt Talks | Fiza Islam, Self-taught Artist & Designer

(1)  Best advice you have received… “Be honest, follow your dream and work hard” is the best advice that I have ever received.  (2)  What message would you love to amplify through this platform? Passion for something that may not be seemingly conventional still worth pursuing and it may lack […]