All Great things have small beginnings and our story is the same. It was a day in November 2015 – three classmates from college was thinking about a way to share the digital illustration that one of them made. One of them said that they should make a website that can be used to share his designs. A website was made and the other mate said that he’d share and manage it. The idea grew and three more friends joined the small team. Little did they know that this was the beginning of a new platform in Bangladesh and the very first of it’s kind. The friend with the art skills suggested that they share the artworks of some other creative, talented artist friends they had. So, it came to be that Abstract Mart became a platform for sharing art both digital and traditional. Soon the number of artists became from 3 to 300. They deviated from the simple objective to sharing artwork to create identities for all those unknown
genius artists.

So what makes Abstract Mart different from other social networking websites like Instagram and Facebook where artists can easily share their art? Abstract Mart intends to create a professional portfolio for artists and ensure that the long undermined virtual and digital forms of art are recognized in Bangladesh and the refinement of such skills. This Professional portfolio for both digital and conventional art will help artists to create an identity of their own and not depend on some institution to enhance them.

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