reflectiveTEENS.com has four badges you will see around our website: VIP IconEditor's Choice IconMAG Icon, and Contest Winner Badge. Our members work hard to earn those little icons! Read on to see what each one means.


VIP badge
VIP Badge

You’ll find the VIP badge, VIP badge, next to the most active users of reflectiveTEENS.com. A VIP badge next to the name of a reflectiveTEENS member means that they have contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and have received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This badge shows everyone how involved that member is in reflectiveTEENS.com – if someone’s got this badge, they’re a Very Important Person around here!

How do you get a VIP badge? It’s not hard, but it takes some dedication. Start submitting work, comment on others’ work, and ask your friends to read your work and vote! We award VIP badges based on all parts of your involvement with reflectiveTEENS.com. Keep sending in good work and you’re sure to be rewarded.

EC badge
Editor’s Choice Badge

You’ll find the Editor’s Choice badge, Editor's Choice Badge, next to the best work on reflectiveTEENS.com. When you see this next to the title of a work, you know it’s something special. Our team of editors reads and reviews everything that’s submitted to reflectiveTEENS – and when they see something that really stands out, they mark it as Editor’s Choice. When your work gets an Editor’s Choice badge, you can be proud!

If you want to get an Editor’s Choice badge for your work, you’ve got to submit it! Send it in so our team of editors can take a look at it. If you don’t get a badge on the first submission, not to worry – that’s a great opportunity to review your work and make some tweaks. Want more tips? The best thing we can tell you to do is to read, watch, observe! Spend time on reflectiveTEENS looking at others’ work, and seek out work similar to (and different from!) the work you like. Don’t forget to read over your work, edit and check for grammar and spelling. The more time you spend reading quality works, observing how the creator is creating, the more you’ll be able to make your own creations that much better.

Mag badge
Magazine Badge

You’ll find the Magazine badge, Magazine Badge, next to every written work, art or photograph that has been published in reflectiveTEENS YearBook. These works are simply the best of the best! Every month from September to June we choose the finest works on reflectiveTEENS.com and publish them in our written print magazine – we also highlight those works on the home page of the website.

If you want to see your work in print, take heart: it’s possible! Many, many people your age have sent us everything from their poetry to their charcoal drawings, their short stories to their nature photography, and have been published in reflectiveTEENS YearBook. The first step to getting published is to submit your work! You’ll get helpful feedback from teenagers all around the world. Look around reflectiveTEENS.com and find other teens who have had their work published, and read the magazine. That will help you learn what a written work or a piece of art that gets published looks like.

Contest Winner Badge
Contest Winner Badge

You’ll find the Contest Winner Badge, Contest Winner Badge, next to every written work or piece of art that has won a Monthly Creative Campus Contest! These works have been judged the best in their class by our team of editors. We run regular contests in our print magazine and online, and everyone is eligible to win; you need only submit your work to enter. If your writing or art is accepted to the magazine or website, it is a candidate for one of our many prizes. Click here if you want to view all the contest winners!

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