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Training | Building Bridges through Leadership in Chittagong

Building Bridges through Leadership Training (BBLT) is BYLC’s two-and-a-half month long signature leadership training program designed for students enrolled between A Levels/H.S.C./Alim to the second year of university. Students from English and Bengali medium schools and Madrassas are invited to apply and will be chosen based on a competitive selection process. The curriculum for [...]


Chittagong Collegiate School, founded 182 years ago, has known as a factory to create pioneers. Including educational and co-curriculum activities, Collegiate has shown its glory in every sector and established its dominance. CCSMUNA is an independent sector of Collegiate Cultural Club (CCC) and is the first MUN association in government schools in Chittagong and the second in the whole [...]

রোদ্দুর | নওশীন তাবাসসুম

বৃষ্টিভেজা দুপুর।টিফিন শেষ হয়ে আরেক তরফা ক্লাস শুরু হতে যাবে,ঠিক সেই সময় ঝমঝমিয়ে বৃষ্টি। এরকম একটা অলস দুপুরে বৃষ্টির মধ্যে ক্লাস করতে যেমন ইচ্ছে [...]
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