(1)  Best advice you have received… There’s no shortcut to success. Hard work and persistence are the keys. There’s this one thing of my favorite freestyler quoted which goes like, “Every minute you work hard is a minute closer to your success.”

(2)  What message would you love to amplify through this platform? To all the potential full people out there working hard to make their dreams come true, I wish them the very best. Keep working hard and don’t give up the cause, All the good things in life are gonna come to you but not all at once but one at a time. So have faith and keep believing.

(3)  Name one thing that you want to change in this society… The stereotypical mentality of the senior citizens of our society for sure. If they keep picking flaws in the lives of people who have the ability to create or come up with something new, Young minds are gonna eventually lose their motivation to innovate. That way we won’t be able to see potential children, teens or adults with high ambition reach their true potential.

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