Is That you whom I was in love with?

You used to keep me alive

Emotions fresh and make me naive

It was the summer night when I was hold

tight nevertheless having a fight.

You gave me so much love that it was

enough to fade my pain away,

And proved that love was right!

But no, I was wrong

The moment you left me fall apart through

making me a nong.

Yes, the night is still young

But I became numb and alone,

I was never the way as I’m of now

Ever since you’re gone!

Memories fade away even if it’s precious

and gold,

People decide to stay and sometimes

walk far away; Hurting you and turning your

feelings cold.

Still we get over the past

Thinking the pain won’t last,

With a dream to come true

Holding that hard and walking through!


About the Writer:


Anika Tasnim Nishat, Deputy Head of Communications at BUP Career Club

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