John woke up wide-eyed like he did every day now. Roaring to get the day started. It was 5 am and the sun was glowing through his high glass windows, softly illuminating his room as if cradling him in its warm embrace. The temperature was just right at this time of day, not too cool not too hot. But of course, it was always that now. Dedicated Scientists had finally figured out how to recycle greenhouse gases into renewable energy that powered the world so that Global Warming wasn’t the disastrous issue as it was back in 2021. The Climate had been stable for 59 years. The sea level didn’t rise, no more ice caps melted and our polar bears were still as jolly as ever. John had just seen a family of them last weekend. They had teleported to the Artic, him and Matt, albeit a little cheekily but what their parents didn’t know didn’t hurt them right? It had taken only half an hour – they had seen the beautiful snow coated creatures playing with their adorable cubs, rolling around, making odd polar bear snow angels in the snow. John had badly wanted to join them but Matt had restrained him. Polar bears, after all, were still dangerous but to observe them in their magnificent glory had been a risk worth taking.

They had teleported back to the Glass Skyscraper Metro Station and had caught hoverboards back to school, just in time for their morning class with Miss Lilium or Miss Lily for short. She was their botany teacher as well as the world to Matt. She was beautiful like her name, tall, slender and green with the richest chestnut hair and the warmest smile. She had Driad blood in her after all. The boys made their way to the conservatory where their class was all huddled in a group near Miss Lily. John stood up on his tiptoes, trying to get a look. In Miss Lily’s slender pretty hand, stood a plant, its flowers small, a rich-hued burgundy brown, emitting the pleasantest of smells. Like cake and his mother, it seemed to John. “This is an extremely rare plant called ‘Cosmos atrosanguineus’ or Chocolate Cosmos,” explained Miss L “recently a team of researchers at Gaea-Cambridge institute has successfully been able to bring this beauty out of deep extinction and remarkably so, we haven’t these since 1998 and now ten bushes are going to be planted in this very school!” Miss Lily gushed. “What’s the scent coming outta them Miss L?” asked Talia, almost ramming her druid nose into the precious flower. John twitched his own nose, Talia was always getting her nose into things. Always meddling with her incessant questions and bickering. It didn’t help that she was perfect with glowing emerald skin, bright sapphire slanted eyes and always so kind. It didn’t help that he was hopelessly in love with her either. “That’s a chemical called Vanillin” Miss L answered, “You smell it in cakes, coffee, and chocolate.” An ‘Ooooh’ was heard from the class and Miss L chuckled. “Yes, there will be chocolate and you all will get to help me plant these splendid creatures tomorrow,” she said as she caressed the precious plant. Cheers were heard from all at this news. “Oh, what a wonderful start to the day!” John thought.

The school day went by as normal as it could. Always something new being discovered, reclaimed and renewed. Science, humanity and the environment had combined to form a perfect trifecta of wonder that would never have been thought possible in the Later Medieval Ages of 2015-2025. John walked out of school and into the Sherwood Forest, his route home. As he trudged along the green velvety carpet of grass, he could feel the cool clean air filling his lungs refreshing him. Thank God, smoking had been eradicated. It was an immense group effort back in 2030 when the UN all unanimously voted to eradicate smoking. People had finally decided, on their own, to give up the tar and nicotine and embrace the oxygen and within the next 3 years, marvelously tobacco production had completely halted, lung diseases and cancer had dropped by 60%. In three years! This was his lesson in Renaissance 2.0 history and it fascinated him, the commitment and will that could be summoned by man.  Of course, the new government had sped things up. A government, very much like the UN, with representatives of all countries, races, genders, and faiths all unanimously working together for one noble cause: the Earth. Running on honesty, integrity, kindness, and love. After all, we were so close to losing our planet back in 2021, we weren’t going to do it again. John mused as he walked. He liked walking though, teleportation and flight were just a hand span away. It gave him time to appreciate his world. Utopia meaning a perfect place was the only word that came to his mind. The earth now was lush, evergreen and a haven. The aquamarine rivers ran crystal clear through the forest with a treasure trove of marine life hidden in its depths, leaping tantalizingly into view. These rivers ran into the oceans, now clean of waste and oil spillages- home to a billion life species. The animals all flourished in their natural habitats with minimum human disturbance and they rewarded us with an Eden of an ecosystem. Every promenade was shaded by tall, fruit trees that provided both sustenance and protection. As soon as we had taken care of our environment a little, it had done tenfold for us. Food and poverty wasn’t an issue anymore. Not with the myriad of natural treasures at our disposal.

John finally reached home, a tall spindling glass tree house, intertwined with an oak tree like so many others in his neighborhood. As he looked at his house, he realized that it was a perfect symbol for what his world had become. One with the Earth.


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