Chittagong Collegiate School, founded 182 years ago, has known as a factory to create pioneers. Including educational and co-curriculum activities, Collegiate has shown its glory in every sector and established its dominance. CCSMUNA is an independent sector of Collegiate Cultural Club (CCC) and is the first MUN association in government schools in Chittagong and the second in the whole nation. Our primary goals are to uphold the school & college level MUN of the nation and incorporate youths of this arena with the circuit, to learn the art of diplomacy and inspire them to lead from the front.
So here we are with our trademark and historic Chittagong Collegiate School Model United Nations (CCSMUN) 2018, the first independent Model United Nations (MUN) conference in government school-college level in the port city, Chittagong. As per the schedule, 27th March,CCSMUNA conducted It’s Workshop In Silver bells girls High School. There were 100+ MUN Enthusiastic students in that workshop. In association with the best of the best CCSMUN’18 completed its “wowsome” workshop successfully in SBK with a huge response from its disciples.
The Workshop conductors were:
1.Redwan Rafi Chowdhury-CUMUNA
2.Ariful Islam-CUMUNA
3.Ahmed Muktafi Rohan
We,Thank and really Appreciate the enthusiasm of the students of Silver Bells Girl’s High School.We Are Really Thankful To CUMUNA For The Cooperation Regular Registration is going on!Check the event page, CCSMUN’18 For Updates!

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