People with learning disabilities have varying advantages and disadvantages over people without them. Often times, these disadvantages include difficulties in socially intermingling with their peers, especially for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Often, people with ASD are very smart but because communication is difficult for them, they can not share their thinking.

Lia is an application being developed by a high-school team to help increase the social skills of individuals with high-functioning ASD or anyone who wants to smoothly socially connect with others. It simulates real world scenarios and provides different possible responses and explanations. This allows users to understand and comprehend their actions and the consequences.

Currently, we have a working prototype, featured in the video demo. All the images used except for the Lia logo are copyrighted by other companies, and only serve as a placeholder. Later on, we will custom design the picture for the situations, with our own mascot replacing the blue bird. Although many learning disorders prevent people from acting with proper social manners, disorders vary from person to person. For example, people with anxiety may assume a much worse situation than what is occurring. On the other hand, people with NVLD, or Nonverbal Learning Disorder, have difficulty understanding social assumptions.

If every social model is the same, not everyone with LD will be able to improve themselves. Therefore, a new situation will be presented daily so users can explore various situations. The Lia team is also considering making the game more interactive so users subconsciously educate themselves. One idea of doing so is to have new situations based on previous choices.

Of course, there are already ways to increase social skills – books, workshops, and more. However, many solutions focus on improving social skills for business purposes only. Other solutions take time and are not flexible. The Lia team aims to solve these problems by providing a mobile app solution.

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