In an era where technology and business are going hand in hand, the search for quality leaders is an on-going process that is in practice since past few centuries. My country, Bangladesh, is no exception. Even though the technological sector of my country hasn’t shown the transition like those of the first world countries, the economic sector has had some momentous transitions. With the GDP growing by 7% a year, as fast as China’s, and a booming garment industry that now ranks second only to China’s in exports, one can easily surmise that Bangladesh is well on its way to become the next Asian Tiger. Thus, the recent investment of $40 billion by Chinese President Xi Jinping came as of no eye-opener. The land of 160 million people is in dire need of quality entrepreneurs to overcome the high unemployment rate. Schools here in Bangladesh are not graduating the doers, makers and cutting edge thinkers the world needs. Wharton’s entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches kids to think outside the box and nurtures unconventional talents and skills. Furthermore, it creates opportunity, ensures social justice, instills confidence, and help to build networks. It allows students to fail and protest-experience that would inspire them to become creative, inventive, and innovative. By gathering all these knowledge I look forward to open a tech startup that would provide quality education to children who resides in rural areas and in areas where quality education is not accessible.

Like Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai, Aditya Mittal, Safra Catz, Donald Trump, Anil Ambani and many other prominent individuals, it is a dream of every individual to include Wharton’s School of Business, which is second to none, name in their CV. I am no exception. Entrepreneurship is all about leadership and being the spiffy guy have always helped me to bag an edge over the rest whenever it has come to leading. From captaining the school’s cricket team, to leading my school in science fairs, to hosting and organizing Graduation parties, leadership has been a known forte to me unlike others. Inspiration springs from all around in the entrepreneurial hotbed of Wharton with no shortage of influential people to meet. Pair that with the technical skills one will acquire in class and see one’s seed of an idea blossom and grow-then reaps the fruits of his/her labor. Ah! It is like living in Heaven. Who wants to miss an opportunity like this? Its great alumni network along with exceptional placements makes it second best to none. And as the website says, “Wherever you want to go in life, a Wharton education will empower you every step of the way.”

Entrepreneurship, to me, is initiating and managing a business by developing an idea in order to gain profits by taking several risks in corporate world. Entrepreneurship allows the evolution of innovation and creativity to generate new ideas for a business venture and helps one to have maximum control on the work one does and provides room for flexibility which helps to gain maximum benefit. It provides the luxury to have diverse ideas that may be unique to a global market place. It also teaches how to overcome the dynamic and extensive competition and pave your way to the top. It creates leaders with a lot of courage and responsibility who are in charge of a unified team and has complete control over the decisions they make. Entrepreneurship creates leaders who are dreamers and most importantly – doers.



Shijon Das

Bangladeshi Student.

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